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Key people:

1988 by Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera 

Prague, Czech Republic

Ondřej Vlček (CEO), Michal Pěchouček (CTO), Phil Marshall (CFO), Robin Selden (CMO), Pavel Baudiš (chairman), Eduard Kučera (chairman)

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History of the company

Everything started with the discovery of Vienna virus by Pavel Baudiš in 1988. He wrote a program able to remove this virus, showed it to his colleague Eduar Kučera and together they started ALWIL Software which officially became company in 1991. In 1995 Ondřej Vlček, current CEO and former COO and CTO, joined ALWIL and wrote his first antivirus for Windows 95. The following year, Avast as one of the first three antivirus programs worldwide, won Virus Bulletin’s VB100 award in all testing categories. As a proof of quality, McAfee licensed Avast antivirus technology for use in its own antivirus products in 1997.

In 2001 was launched a free antivirus solution for non-commercial use. 30 months after first user registration the free version reached one million users. This milestone confirmed set freemium strategy as a business model. To keep reaching new users ALWIL began cooperation with SanDisk in 2005. This partnership required product localization for all SanDisk markets, which was the first step toward international success.

Avast began the 2006 with 10 million registered users and doubled the number till the end of the year. Avast won SC Awards in categories Best Antivirus, Best Anti-Malware (in Europe) and Reader’s Choice (in USA). The following year, ALWIL Software became joint-stock company and reached 40 million users with only 38 employees. By 2009 the registered user base jumped over 100 million. This was also the year when Vincent Steckler (formerly of Symantec) was hired as CEO.

In 2010 ALWIL Software changed its name to AVAST Software and Summit Partners invested $100 million for a minority share of the company. Next year Avast Business Protection line was launched and several innovations were added to the Avast products including the free antivirus. Avast finishes the 2012 actively protecting over 170 million devices. Its Avast Free Mobile Security became the best-rated security app on Google Play and Avast Free Antivirus became top-downloaded software on Download.com. In 2013, on its 25th anniversary, Avast was protecting over 200 million PCs, Macs and Android devices worldwide. That same year AVAST Software acquired the German company Secure.Me and the U.S.-based start-up Jumpshot and was awarded “Best Employer 2013” in Czech Republic and finished the year as the most-profitable IT company in its home country. This was also the year, when Avast SecureLine VPN was launched.

Next year Avast added 30 million new users to have a total of more than 230 million active users. In February 2014, CVC Capital Partners signed agreement for a large-scale investment in Avast valuing the company at $1 billion. Meanwhile, Avast Mobile Security reached 100 million downloads on Google Play and AV-Comparatives ranks Avast as the most popular mobile security provider on several continents. Avast reached 500 employees and opened new offices around the world. In 2015 Avast launched free Business security solution for small and medium businesses. New company Remotium, for protection of business data, was acquired. Also mobile portfolio continued to expand with several applications like Wifi Finder. Avast’s growth was a reason to move to a larger, Sillicon Valley inspired office space with cutting edge technology, entertainment and dining facilities.

In September of 2016, Avast acquired AVG Technologies and with over 400M users protected in total, became one of the biggest companies in the security market. Both Avast and AVG branded products are supported and company has transformed into a full service security company. Core of AVG antivirus products was updated with Avast engine, but there are still some differences between both brands. In 2017 Avast acquired Piriform, the makers of the world’s most popular PC cleaning and optimizing product Ccleaner with its 115 million active users.

In May 2018 Avast had its IPO on the London Stock Exchange, which valued it at £2.4bn making it one of the UK’s biggest technology listings. On 1st July 2019 Ondřej Vlček became new Avast’s CEO replacing Vincent Steckler who decided to retire after 10 years in head of the company.

Product portfolio

Avast offers wide range of antivirus products from the basic Free Antivirus to the fully featured Premier. Beside these core business products Avast offers set of tools to help you during your daily work on your computer and other devices.


Avast Internet Security

Internet Security offers advanced protection for everything you do online. It’s especially useful against copycat banking sites or phishing emails and a new, improved https scanner protects you from more infected sites than ever before. As expected, it features the best core protection available, including firewall, anti-spam and ransomware shield.

$59.99   $29.99   Buy Now       Learn more

Avast Premier

Premier includes the best features that Avast antivirus portfolio can offer – all of them. This product is recommended to everyone who wants the best protection on the market. Protects your files against latest ransomware threats, keeps your installed software updated automatically and all your deleted files are gone for good.

$69.99   $34.99   Buy Now       Learn more

Avast Ultimate

The ultimate protection, privacy and performance – four top products, all in one box. Premier Antivirus provides top protection for your computer. SecureLine VPN encrypts your connection so no one can see what you do while online. Cleanup Premium speeds up your PC to top performance and Passwords Premium will guard all your login details and passwords.

  $119.99   Buy Now       Learn more

Avast Security Pro for Mac

Advanced real-time protection crafted for Mac computers. Detects viruses, spyware, and other threats in real-time. Warns you of unsafe sites and blocks intrusive web trackers. Scans for Wi-Fi security weaknesses in your router and connected devices and allerts you instantly to network weaknesses and intruders. Stops ransomware and keeps your personal photos and files safe.

$59.99   $47.99   Buy Now       Learn more

Avast AntiTrack

Disguises your online identity for greater privacy when you’re browsing so no one can build a profile on you. Exposes and blocks any attempts of advertisers to track your online activity. Stops targeted advertising by hiding your online purchases so you don’t see the same ads. It’s just much more than single VPN, ad-blocker or incognito mode in your browser.

  $39.99   Buy Now       Learn more

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