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Key people:

1997 by Eugene Kaspersky

Moscow, Russia

Eugene Kaspersky (Chairman & CEO), Andrey Tikhonov (COO), Nikita Shvetsov (CTO), Alexander Moiseev (CSO), Igor Chekunov (CLO)

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History of the company

Everything started accidentally when Eugene’s computer was infected by virus in 1989. Thanks to his education in cryptography, Eugene analyzed the virus and developed removal tool for it. After that Eugene started analyzing more malicious programs and developing removal tools for them. This collection of tools became the foundation for his first antivirus database which is now one of the most comprehensive and complete collections in cybersecurity, protecting from more than 100 million malicious programs. In 1990 started to gathering team of similar enthusiast researchers to create the AVP Toolkit Pro antivirus program, which was in 1994 recognized as the most effective antivirus software in the world. In 1997 Kaspersky Lab was founded with Eugene heading the antivirus research and in 2007 he was named CEO.

Since 2010 Kaspersky Lab has been an official sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team. Scuderia Ferrari, in turn, chose Kaspersky products as their security IT solution. Since 2012 Kaspersky Lab’s logo has featured on Ferrari’s Formula One car. In 2015 Kaspersky Lab announced to continue its sponsorship with Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team for five more years.

Now Kaspersky Lab is one of the world’s largest privately owned cybersecurity companies. Operates in 200 countries and have 37 offices all around the world with 3,600 people in total. Kaspersky’s products protect over 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients.

Product portfolio

Wide range of Kaspersky’s award-winning security solutions help to protect you when you surf, socialize, bank and shop online. In todays digital life where people depend on their computers and other devices, Kaspersky’s security products help you protect what matters most – your privacy, children, money and more.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Anti-Virus, award-winning, cloud-assisted security technology offers solid protection for your PC. Keeps your PC, and everything you store on it, safe from the latest threats like viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, and more. It combines security & efficiency to not to slow you down.

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Kaspersky Internet Security

Internet Security keeps your sensitive information protected. Bank, shop and surf online in safety with effective protection that doesn’t affect performance of your PC. Includes Kaspersky Safe Kids Free to protect your kids against online risks. Protects PC, Mac and Android with just one license.

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Kaspersky Total Security

Ultimate security which helps you to safeguard your privacy, money, photos and files from the latest online threats. Also includes Kaspersky Safe Kids securing your kids’ digital lives. Secures all types of devices – PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad with just one license.

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