Avast release
avast release

Release of Avast 18.1.2326

After almost two months from last version, which was released in December 2017, and a couple of beta versions released in the past days Avast finally released new version of its antivirus products. This new version brings couple scan optimizations and fixes few bugs and problems, however it seems there is nothing critical on the list.

What’s new

  • Added possibility to add multiple files to your Virus Chest at once
  • Improved handling of multiple Avast windows opened at once
  • Optimized scans of downloaded executable (.exe) files
  • Added warning when you try to shut down Windows while Avast installation is in progress to ensure installation is finished properly
  • Added new fallback HTTPS server for the case standard servers are not reachable, which makes Avast updates and installations more reliable
  • Added new Anti-Exploit module for better protection against exploits, shellcode, and other malicious executable files
  • Added new Avast AntiTrack offer in the Privacy menu for those that hate being tracked online (English only)
  • Fixed scanning of files in your Virus Chest
  • Fixed some problems with the Outlook plugin
  • Fixed wrong text in the Recycle Bin context menu and name of the Avast window in the taskbar
  • Fixed an annoying bug that minimized games every 30 minutes

How to install

You can always update your existing installation of Avast product through the user interface. You’ll find the update option in Settings > Update > Update program. Or you can download the installation file from Avast directly, just choose the product you have installed:

What’s coming

There are not further hints about next update, so stay tuned and we’ll bring more news as soon as we’ll get some information. See complete Avast antivirus portfolio

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