Avast for Mac release
avast release

Release of Avast Security for Mac 13.6

Almost exactly after two months Avast released new version of its Mac security product called Avast Security for Mac 13.6, again for both Free and Pro editions. When looking on the list of changes it looks like Avast developers were hard working these two months. In this new version there are couple new things. Read full list of announced changes below.

What’s new

  • GDPR compliance – added some more preferences in settings of the Pro version
  • Phishing protection update – made some small improvements in the Pro version
  • Ransomware whitelist update – whitelisted some widely used apps
  • Added support for activation codes
  • Moved browser plugins from Tools to Preferences
  • SafePrice browser plugin – added new shopping plugin
  • Couple more non-specified fixes and improvements of the product

How to install

You can always update your existing installation of Avast product through the user interface. Or you can download the installation file from Avast directly, just choose the product you have installed:

What’s coming

As we were thinking Avast continues with improvements of their Ransomware shield and some other security functionalities. It looks like there is still something to improve so we hope we’ll see more of this in the upcoming versions. See complete Avast antivirus portfolio

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