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avast release

Release of Avast Security for Mac 13.7

Just yesterday was released new Avast Security for Mac 13.6 and today we have here new version 13.7. To be precise it’s more a hot fix than a regular version. Right after release of the 13.6 version users started complaining on very strange behavior of the security product and big problems accessing and browsing the internet. Some of the users also reported problems with their mail which is not being downloaded. Quick solution to these problems was disabling Web shield, which was causing these troubles. But of course without this real-time protection functionality of such security product is only partial. So Avast quickly analyzed the problem and came up with new version, that fixes these problems. First users’ reactions are positive, so let’s hope this bug is a history.

What’s new

  • Proxy/Web shield fix for version 13.6

How to install

You can always update your existing installation of Avast product through the user interface. Or you can download the installation file from Avast directly, just choose the product you have installed:

What’s coming

After today’s hot fix there will be probably some revision of the overall functionality of the product and even bigger focus on security features and additional functionality. We can probably await new version withing a month’s time frame. See complete Avast antivirus portfolio

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