Avast for Mac release
avast release

Release of Avast Security for Mac 13.8

Two weeks after the last release Avast came up with new version of Avast Security for Mac 13.8, which is again mainly fixing some bugs and functional problems. It seems that the last problem with proxy and Web shield wasn’t fully fixed, since focus of this new version is again on these two product features and improvement of their stability. It’s definitely good to see that Avast is able to react on such bugs very quickly. See the complete list of announced changes in the latest version.

What’s new

  • Decreased frequency of warning popup, which in some cases has been displayed couple time per day
  • Addressed problem with HTTPS certificate validation on macOS 10.9
  • Increased stability of web shield (proxy)
  • Stabilized Wi-Fi Instector functionality

How to install

You can always update your existing installation of Avast product through the user interface. Or you can download the installation file from Avast directly, just choose the product you have installed:

What’s coming

Hopefully all important stuff was fixed and we can look forward to some new features and tweaks of the security product. Right now there are no indications what we can expect in the following release, but we’ll be checking our channels for anything interesting. Stay tuned. See complete Avast antivirus portfolio

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