Avast beta release
avast release

Release of Avast 12.4.2281 Beta

We usually don’t write about beta versions, but since Avast published information about their new strategy to go for monthly release cycles, and it’s already 2 months gone and no new version out, we decided to write this post about the latest beta version that was released just today. The reason Avast didn’t release new version is very simple. Since the announced acquisition of AVG Technologies was finally approved, the focus is now on the integration of both companies and all the releases were postponed. Right now it seems we can expect new Avast version somewhere at the beginning of 2017.

Avast is working on new UI and this beta version should provide users feedback on the UI. But because it isn’t simply just change of the design but whole framework should be updated, it should be also test of its stability. This new framework should be more flexible that should speed up bug fixes in the future. Few can already mention few details from the new UI. After some time navigation in the product moved back to the left side and design should be dark for both free and paid versions. Also the product window is larger. It isn’t perfect yet, but since the developers should have few more months to polish it we belie the final UI will be much better than the one in this brand new beta version.

What’s new

  • completely new UI framework with new, modern design
  • big internal changes to improve stability of the product
  • removed screensaver and desktop gadgets

Known issues

  • Some UI parts are not fully finished, that is still in progress
  • SmartScan and Browser Cleanup parts are still not finished
  • UI glitches in some expiration dialogs
  • Webshield problems on Windows 10 internal preview
  • broken flows of Passwords synchronization setup

How to install

Just use one of the links bellow to get the beta version:

You’ll see “BETA” sign next to the product name in the GUI after installation. Even beta version gets updated regularly, so if you keep it installed on your machine, it’ll be updated usually once a week. If you want to switch back to stable version you have to uninstall the beta version first and then install the stable version from the following links:

What’s coming

Since Avast developers are still working on the new UI we can expect better and more complete design within the application. Also already known bugs will be fixed to provide full functionality of the product. We’ll be monitoring the progress and once we see there are bigger changes announced, we’ll come back to you with another post.

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